Never Too Young to Practice Kindness

Parent & Family Engagement, Teachers & Principals | 02/24/2020

Dr. Sharon Paver-Nepote
Principal, Wagoner Elementary School

At Wagoner Elementary, a K-2 school in south suburban Chicago, many of our students are surrounded by difficult life situations – of which they have no control – but must rise above regardless. Participating in Teach Kindness has given our students the ability to experience the warmth and fulfillment that comes from helping others and the ripple effect kindness has on the world.

The best reward of all for me was being able to see our students’ faces light up the moment Wagoner was announced as the National Teach Kindness Challenge Champion at today’s surprise celebration! Our students have proven that even the youngest among us can be role models for kindness. All schools should sign up for this transformative and free program! 

During the four-week challenge, our students decorated the hallways with positive messages, created a “Be Kind” sign on a playground fence and supported a local food drive for families in need. But our community circles, which form at the start of school each day in every classroom, have really given our students the chance to grow and practice kindness. During this time, students are able to talk openly, share their stories, practice listening attentively, and in turn, form lasting friendships. 

Teach Kindness took our school to the next level. Teachers have seen a positive culture evolve in their classrooms, and we’ve seen an increase in positive behaviors and attendance!

Every school can – and should – teach kindness. The program is open to students in grades K-8 and offers a special curriculum tailored directly to young learners.

Get involved with Teach Kindness today and maybe your school could be the next Teach Kindness Champion!

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