My Son Deserves a High-Quality Education, Too

Access to High-Quality Schools | 04/08/2019

Shawanda Tyson
Indianapolis Public Schools parent

My son Marell is bright, curious, and autistic. He has risen to every challenge anyone has ever given him, but sometimes he struggles in school. 

As his mom, I'm his No. 1 champion. I do everything within my power to make sure he's getting the attention and resources he needs to thrive, in school and in life. 

The reality is that not every child in the U.S. is given the same opportunity to succeed. They don't all have a champion in their corner. You can be the champion kids need. 

Some people say my son doesn’t count. They’re wrong. My son – and all children – deserve to receive quality education that brings out their best and prepares them for success in college or a career. 

Add your name now to support families like mine in our fight for a high-quality public education. 

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