My Biggest Fear About This School Year

School Funding | 08/06/2020

Reaven Allen
Parent Member, Stand for Children Indiana

Last school year was a challenge for my family – I bet it was for yours, too. When COVID-19 hit and forced school buildings to close, I had to figure out how to take over the role of teacher for my four children, all in different grades.

Home learning is stressful, but my biggest fear is schools opening back up before they are ready. The idea of sending kids back has a lot of scary things running through my mind. Mainly, how are they going to protect everyone? 

Rushing into reopening schools without a solid plan and most of all, the necessary resources, is dangerous and shows a total disregard for the safety and health of kids and their teachers. That's why it's so hurtful to see lawmakers in Washington D.C. playing political games with emergency K-12 funding that our public schools desperately need during this pandemic.

Forcing schools to reopen in return for these much-needed funds puts the health of kids and their families at risk and ignores many other urgent problems, including the lack of internet and devices students need for home learning. 

Senators are going home at the end of this week and they're coming back after just about every school district in the nation has begun their new academic year — that'll be too late! Email your Senators today and tell them to support $200 billion in education stabilization funding and at least $4 billion for home learning access that our K-12 public schools need to continue educating kids during the pandemic! This is our last chance before they go on recess. Please tell them that our kids and educators simply can't wait. It's a matter of public health, children's futures and our wellbeing as communities. 

I can’t wait until my kids can safely go back to school every day and be with their friends, but until then, we have to make sure their right to receive a high-quality public education is protected.


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