Make the Extended Child Tax Credit Permanent

Early Childhood Education, Legislation | 04/15/2021

Carrie Hatfield
Parent volunteer, Stand for Children

As the mother of three young kids, I constantly worry about being able to cover all their expenses. When the COVID-19 relief package passed, with the increased child tax credit, I was so thankful. Now, when these payments start being sent out in July, I’ll be able to make sure my little ones have all their basic needs met.

But right now, the increased child tax credit is only temporary. If the U.S. wants to be known as a nation that truly cares for its youngest and most vulnerable population, then we need to make sure the child tax credit expansion stays in place. 

Stand for Children has doubled down on the commitment to make the child tax credit permanent by signing onto this letter. Will you join them and me in adding your name in support of this issue

Having these funds each month for my children means I can afford groceries, bus fare and clothing they need for each season. It also helps me budget for important medical and dental treatments, including orthodontic work that my kids need.

Even if you don’t have kids at home or aren’t eligible for the expanded tax credit, you can still be a voice for families who need support. If you believe no child should have to go hungry or go without fundamental needs, add your name to encourage President Biden to make the child tax credit permanent to improve the health and happiness of millions of kids. 


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