Let's Form a More Perfect Union

Access to High-Quality Schools, Elections | 07/03/2019

Jennifer Warner
National Organizing Director

Before you start celebrating the holiday, I have something to ask: Are you registered to vote?

Next year is the presidential election, but before that, you could have the option to elect leaders who will arguably have a more direct impact on your daily life – mayor, city council, and school board. 

Do you care about the quality of your children’s education? Do you want your children to grow up in a safe environment free of discrimination and hate? Do you believe all children deserve the opportunity to succeed? Then you need to vote. Make sure you're all set to vote by checking your voter registration now.

As you celebrate July 4, remember this: The United States will never become a more perfect union unless we step up, pay attention, and vote for candidates who represent our shared values of freedom, equality, and the opportunity to pursue happiness and success.

Think about the injustices you see in your everyday life. Think of the people – the parents and children –  who are most affected by these wrongs. Remember these faces on Election Day and know that your vote can and will make a difference.


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