The Lesson I'm Teaching My Son

Elections | 11/01/2018

Tequila Patterson
Colorado Parent

As a mom, I try to lead by example for my son, Junté. This November, I’m going to show him that his voice is powerful – and that he needs to use it. 

That’s why I’m going to vote. 

Politicians don’t always understand the everyday struggles families like mine face, like having to juggle work, parenthood, and managing a home on a tight budget. Some even assume we’re not paying attention. They’re wrong.

I see what goes on at Junté’s school and how the decisions government makes affect his education. I worry if he’s being taught the skills he’ll need to succeed in college and, eventually, in his career.

I love my son more than anything, and I want him to grow up in a country that invests in his future. Let’s make our voices heard by electing leaders who stand for our values, including giving all children the right to a high-quality education.

There are officials who try their hardest to prevent citizens like us from voting. Don’t let them succeed.

Teach your children that their voices matter. Show them you won’t be silenced. 

Make a plan to vote today.

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