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Who We Are | 02/03/2020

Dominique Garrett
Communications & Community Engagement Manager

It's not uncommon to be out with Cardell Orrin – whether it be a school board meeting, a community event, or just out grabbing a sandwich – and have him be stopped by a friendly face for a quick chat. Born and raised in Memphis, he is a pillar of our city's activist community and is known widely as someone who doesn't shy away from calling out and putting a stop to injustices affecting local youth and families. 

Cardell's passion for making educational equity a reality for all children in our community is contagious, and it drives all of us at Stand Tennessee to stand stronger and fight harder.

I've watched Cardell spend hours talking with community members about how important it is for them to take action and to stay informed about policies that have an everlasting effect on their children's future. He strives to empower every parent to be a leader in their child’s life and works with schools to create more welcoming cultures for family involvement.

No matter how busy he is, Cardell takes the time to talk to anyone who needs help breaking down barriers in our school system or who needs guidance on finding resources for their child. And he makes sure every citizen understands the power of their vote and why they must never waste their right to exercise it.

Cardell is a true education champion in Memphis, and we are fortunate to have such a dedicated and fearless advocate leading our effort to improve opportunities for children in Memphis. 

I hope his story will inspire you to stand stronger and fight harder and support us in our work.

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