Invest in Kids: Is That Too Much to Ask?

School Funding | 04/13/2021

Carlos Alfaro
Marketing & Communications Director, Stand for Children Arizona

Last November, voters in Arizona passed Proposition 208, which taxes the state's highest earners in order to adequately fund K-12 public education and work to address the teacher shortage crisis. But Prop 208 opponents in the state legislature are currently trying to undermine the will of the people, gutting Prop 208 funding by creating new tax cuts for the wealthy, eliminating Prop 208 revenue before it ever materializes. 

Families in Arizona — including schoolchildren — aren't having it. That's why Stand Arizona volunteers joined educators with Red For Ed at last week's Hands Across the Capitol rally to protest this deliberate attempt to effectively reverse the election result. 

We’re so close to adding a much-needed $1 billion annual investment into Arizona schools, strengthening Arizona’s economy, and doing it all with strict accountability. 

Lawmakers must prioritize the needs of students and schools instead of lining the pockets of wealthy constituents and business interests. 

Is that too much to ask? 

If you want to support the fight to protect this critical education funding, please consider donating today.

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