Insights to Boost High School Student Success

College & Career Readiness, Teachers & Principals | 04/14/2021

Jonah Edelman
Chief Executive Officer

As you may know, Stand for Children’s Center for High School Success (CHSS) is now systematically supporting 155 high schools across six states to implement proven practices for helping as many ninth graders as possible finish their “make or break year” on track.

Through that extensive work with high schools, which span the gamut from small rural to large urban, our sixteen Ninth Grade Success Coaches witnessed firsthand the triumphs and challenges schools experienced as they attempted to educate students during the global pandemic.

From that unique, wide ranging collective perspective, the CHSS team identified seven stand-out high school practices every school district can and should adopt now to foster greater student success next school year and beyond.

Their powerful, actionable three-page brief – “Stand Stronger – Stand-Out High School Practices Every District Can Adopt” – can be found here

compelling op-ed in Hechinger Report by CHSS leaders Kaaren Andrews and Habib Bangura about their first recommendation, implementing 4x4 Scheduling, is being picked up and distributed widely based on our surprising findings about 4x4 scheduling’s major impact on Ninth-Grade-on-Track rates. Please check it out and share it widely 

There has never been a more opportune or important time to adjust practices. Going back to the “old normal” cannot be the goal. A better and more just “new normal” must be.

Thank you for sharing this timely and valuable guidance with school administrators in your networks, and for all you are doing to make our schools and nation more equitable and just.

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