I Learned Kindness. All Students Can.

Parent & Family Engagement, Teachers & Principals | 10/09/2019

8th Grade Student

When I started 7th grade last year, I didn’t have the best attitude with my family. We didn’t always get along.

A few months ago, my school participated in Teach Kindness. We did lessons and activities that taught us about empathy, how to control our emotions, how to show gratitude, and other ways to be positive and kind.

The things I learned in Teach Kindness really made a difference in my life. Every day I’d see posters in the hallway with sayings like “Be positive” and “Be kind to everyone,” and I’d see people doing kind things for each other at school, and I’d remember all this when I went home. I even told my parents about it, and we’d talk about it over family dinners together.

I wish every student could do Teach Kindness because it improved my relationships with friends and my family and helped me become a better person. Now I’m in 8th grade, and I still try to be kind to everyone I see. 

If you want to bring Teach Kindness to your local school, sign up for more information here. The program is free for schools and open to students in grades K-8.


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