I Got My Hustle from My Mom

Who We Are | 03/14/2019

Ricardo Martinez
Associate National Organizing Director

My mom worked multiple jobs to take care of our family. She worked at a bakery from sunrise until noon and spent her afternoon cleaning houses. When times got really tough she also manually manufactured pens. She worked so hard and never quit.

My mom was my first teacher and mentor. Who was yours?

I got my hustle and resilience from my mom — she is entrenched in my work ethic. Success is built through mentors and teachers. She was mine. I channeled her perseverance every time I felt like I was close to giving up my dream of graduating college. That's why my undergraduate and graduate degrees now hang in her living room.

This Women's History Month, we want to elevate the many stories of everyday women who have inspired us with their words or actions which in turn have contributed positively to our education stories.

How has a woman in your life uplifted you? What words did she share that you remember to this day? How did her presence and support ignite your passion for learning? How did the way she approached life inspire you? In what ways does she continue to show up for you that make you feel seen and heard? Share your story now.

All month long we will share some of these inspiring stories to remind us of the impact women have every day in our communities. 

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