I Experienced Racism at First

Access to High-Quality Schools, College & Career Readiness | 02/20/2020

Darian Wilson
Beat the Odds Scholar, Class of 2020

I know what it’s like to be different. I moved from Tulsa, Oklahoma to La Pine, Oregon – a town with a population of about 2,000 people – my freshman year of high school.

Being a transfer student in this small, mostly white community wasn’t easy. My mom, my sister and I left Tulsa for a fresh start – to get away from the gang violence and drugs in our neighborhood – but being a young black male in rural Oregon came with new challenges, like navigating the racism I experienced.

I didn’t just want to fit in. I was different, and I wanted people to understand that. I started the first multi-cultural club at La Pine High School so students of different backgrounds could learn from each other and hear others’ experiences. Now, my high school has grown to be a community I adore.

My dream is to become a politician and be a leader for human rights, and I’m doing what it takes to get there. Thanks to a scholarship from Stand for Children Oregon, I’ll be off to college in the fall.

When you donate to Stand, you support students who are eager to learn and make a difference in the world – students like me. Give to Stand today to be the person who steps in and lifts up students when they need it most.

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