Keep Kids Reading During the Pandemic

Parent & Family Engagement, Who We Are | 12/10/2020

Atenas Rodriguez
Organizer, Stand for Children Arizona

Do you remember your first book? I do. It was “The Little Match Girl.”

My mother used to read me this famous Dutch tale that vividly reminds me of the harsh realities facing children living in poverty. The little girl, poor and shivering in the street, would light matches and see visions of a more comfortable, enjoyable life. I remember my mother, siblings and I would curl up while reading this story and, like the girl in the book, we would dream of beautiful things.

Will you donate today to give books to children in need so they can be inspired to dream big too?

Reading at home is vital to a child’s education, but during this pandemic, with many school buildings and libraries closed, there are many high-need students without access to books – and they’re at greater risk of falling behind their peers whose families can afford to keep shelves stocked. That’s why Stand regularly provides books for families in our network and has increased our book donations during the pandemic.

All those memories I have reading with my mom have inspired me to do the same with my little one. It means everything to me to inspire my child to enjoy reading because I know it opens so many doors for him.

If you donate today, you can be the force that opens those doors of opportunity and inspires a child’s love of reading forever.


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