Help Bring Kindness to More Schools

Teachers & Principals | 12/11/2018

Richard Martinez
Dean, Irwin Altman Middle School 172

When a child enjoys being at school — when he or she feels safe and welcome, it shows. This is what we started to see more of after we completed the Middle School Kindness Challenge at Irwin Altman Middle School.

I’m proud to be an administrator there and to have seen how our students became engaged in our activities and began treating each other — and their teachers — with respect and understanding. All it took was participation in this amazing and easy-to-implement four week experience. Our culture is now forever changed in the very best way possible.

I wish every middle school could take the Kindness Challenge. With your generosity, Stand for Children can help make that happen.

For me, the highlight came at the end of March when students wrote postcards filled with kind words and inspiring quotes to classmates, teachers, and staff. When the cards were distributed, everyone was buzzing with excitement. That positive encouragement was just what our students needed to finish the school year strong.

The world could use more kindness. Help bring the Kindness Challenge to more schools by making a gift today. With every child who participates, our schools and communities get a little kinder, a little more positive and supportive — it’s what we all need.


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