Families Like Mine Are Hurting Right Now

Legislation, Parent & Family Engagement | 01/27/2021

Andrea Chavez
Mother of 4, Stand Arizona Parent Member

I’m the mother of four kids, including a 2-month-old baby. My husband works in a restaurant to provide for our family, but when the pandemic hit, he lost his job. He’s now employed again, but when a worker or customer finds out they have COVID-19, the restaurant shuts down to follow safety procedures – so he doesn’t get paid.

My family is counting on President Biden’s COVID-19 relief plan because we need money to pay rent, buy food, and take care of our children’s basic needs.

Will you please email your lawmakers today and ask them to support this plan to help millions of families like mine?

We live in a trailer, a small space for our big family, but we haven’t been able to find another place to live due to costs. If we received the expanded child tax credit in President Biden’s plan, we could make repairs to our home or find a place in better condition with more room.

Every day my focus is to take care of my kids and make sure they survive, but honestly, I’m scared. We don’t know when the pandemic is going to end. I don’t know if my husband will get paid next week. Any support we can receive in the meantime to keep our lights on and food in our fridge is a blessing.

Kids and families are hurting right now. Please ask your lawmakers to support Biden’s plan so we can afford to buy food, shelter, medicine and other basic needs while this pandemic continues to rage on.

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