Every Week Is a Struggle

Legislation, Parent & Family Engagement | 02/23/2021

Carolina Hernandez
Parent volunteer, Stand for Children Arizona

During the pandemic, my family has had to make a lot of budget cuts. We’re doing whatever it takes to keep the lights on and buy food, but it’s a struggle week to week. 

If President Biden’s COVID-19 relief package passes, I would be able to make sure my three kids have enough healthy food to eat and the educational materials they need to keep learning while school buildings remain closed. 

Please take action today to urge your lawmakers in Washington to support this important proposal.

I have no idea when in-person learning will return in my school district, so I’m doing all I can to make sure my kids feel completely comfortable and motivated to learn at home. They need working computers and a strong internet connection, but access to those necessities is expensive. This relief plan includes funding that will allow school districts to ensure their students have access to what they need to successfully learn from home.

The proposal also includes increasing the child tax credit, which would allow me to keep my kids healthy and fed and hopefully even purchase a few developmental toys and books that can be extra support for their learning and prevent them from falling behind.

Please speak up and email your legislators today so they understand how much families need this relief!


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