Democracy has no place for hate

Current Events & News | 10/02/2020

Jonah Edelman
Chief Executive Officer

As Americans, we all deserve the opportunity to actively participate in the process of electing our community, state, and nation’s leaders.

However, during this turbulent election season, that opportunity is at risk due to hate playing an increasingly larger role throughout our country.

Given the dangerous climate, we are compelled to make this most basic demand: that everyone seeking to hold office in the United States must condemn hate, racism, white supremacy, anti-Semitism, bigotry, misogyny and all other forms of intolerance and divisive practices.

Leaders who use incendiary rhetoric, promote, condone or remain silent about acts of violence, or refuse to categorically repudiate hate have no place in our democracy or in our communities.

We ask candidates, elected officials, and you—to each do their part to denounce white supremacy and racism, expose and reject hate in our communities, and lawfully deny platforms where bigotry and white supremacy thrive and seek to spread.

We demand also that candidates commit, through their words and deeds, to keeping ALL Americans safe and secure despite whatever differences may exist among voters and political parties.

If our nation is to move forward and our children are to have a chance of a brighter future, elected leaders and those seeking elected office must draw a line now by condemning white supremacy and committing to act as responsible and respectful citizens truly invested in the progress of our nation.

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