The COVID Relief Plan Is Needed Now

Legislation | 03/02/2021

Sashah Robertson
Parent volunteer, Stand for Children Indiana

I've been following the news of President Biden's COVID-19 relief plan closely because this help cannot come soon enough.

In my family, the additional stimulus money would mostly go toward our grocery budget and needs that kids always tend to have, like new clothes and shoes, school supplies, and extracurricular activities.

Even though my family is considered middle class, we still have expenses that can be a challenge to cover. The pandemic has made this even more difficult.

Take a stand for families today and ask your Senators to pass the COVID-19 relief plan.  

The relief plan also includes increases to the child tax credit, which would mean we could afford to put my 12-year-old son, Dominic, in karate and the digital art classes he's been wanting to take. I'm eager for him to get more opportunities to learn and interact with people his age, especially after being out of school for months. 

During remote learning, his grades were slipping, and he was having trouble turning in assignments. This relief plan would give school districts funding to make sure students have the tools they need for e-learning, including internet and computers. 

Please send a quick message to your lawmakers in Washington today and urge them to pass the COVID-19 relief plan to help hardworking American families.

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