Confronting Racism in the Classroom

Who We Are | 04/06/2021

Val Brown
Principal Academic Officer, Center for Antiracist Education

The other day I asked my two Black children if they ever had any antiracist teachers. They paused, unsure how to answer. After an extended silence, I asked them if their teachers ever did anything racist.

“Definitely,” they said. My daughter reminded me of something that happened when she was in fifth grade, which I've shared here with her permission

It pained me to hear about my daughter’s experience, and I hope someday that every teacher has the antiracist competence to respond.  

The Center for Antiracist Education (CARE) is striving to provide educators with access to effective, research-based antiracist learning materials to help them transform their classrooms into places of healing, not harm, and lead the way to an antiracist future.

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When educators are silent about racism, marginalized students assume the educator is comfortable with the status quo. This is unacceptable.

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