Children Can't Learn Without Internet Access

Current Events & News, Legislation, School Funding | 04/13/2020

Shannon Campion
Chief of State Operations, Stand for Children

School buildings across the U.S. are shut down, many for the remainder of the academic year, to slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). So, as many families in digitally-equipped homes adjust to online learning, that's not an option for the 1 in 7 students who lack computers and internet access at home.

Without access, our most vulnerable students are being shut out and forcibly held back from their more privileged peers. This crisis disproportionately hurts students of color, with nearly 25% of all African American households with school-age children and 23% of all Hispanic households with school-age children lacking high speed internet access at home.

Take action now to tell lawmakers that all students need access to internet immediately to continue learning!  


Before the COVID-19 pandemic, students without internet access had to go the extra mile to complete homework assignments – either by going to their local library or staying late at school. Now, with stay-at-home orders blanketing most of the country, those lifelines are gone.

Tell Congress to stand up for America's most vulnerable students and include funding for broadband internet access and connected devices in the next stimulus bill, which is being developed now!  

It's unacceptable for any child to be denied access to a K-12 public education right now simply because they don't have the necessary tools at home. Take action today to help all students get access to broadband and technology at home.  

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