Being Kind on World Kindness Day

Current Events & News, Parent & Family Engagement | 11/13/2020

Donjarica Walton
Parent in Indianapolis

Today is World Kindness Day and I don’t think it could have come at a better time. I’ve seen a lot of hurtful comments on social media over the past few weeks, especially over the election results. When I see them, I feel the same sadness and helplessness I felt when my daughter was bullied by a “friend” from school. I remember telling my daughter to stay strong and not let her experience change her view of the world, ability to make new friends or be kind to others. I hope our nation takes the same advice and uses today as an opportunity to spread kindness and do something nice for a neighbor, friend or stranger. You never know exactly what someone else has been or is going through.

I’m worried about our divided nation and the fear and anger that seems to separate us. That’s not the world I want for my four kids. While I’m scared about it, I also see hope. I’ve never heard a louder cry of support for equity in our schools, our society and our world. Progress is being made and I want to see that continue.

If we model kindness for our children at home and in our schools, they will pass it along to one another. Maybe then all the negative and racist language will begin to end. This next generation can grow into adults with compassion in their hearts if we all remember to be kind to one another today and every day after.

If you haven’t heard of Teach Kindness, learn how it helps our kids manage their emotions, and become better able to navigate these challenging times.

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