Act Now to Prevent School Budget Cuts

School Funding | 05/20/2020

Jonah Edelman
Chief Executive Officer

No one can say for sure when school buildings will reopen, but this much is certain:

Without immediate action by the federal government, school districts will be forced to make deep budget cuts at the worst possible time. 

Email Senate leaders now and urge them to provide $200 billion in funding for K-12 education and $4 billion for home learning access in their next COVID-19 relief package.

Stand parent member Christina Magana has tried for weeks to get affordable internet access at home so her 11-year-old son, Carlos, can participate in online learning, but her family is still unconnected. Her stress rises with every day of school he misses. Will his reading skills suffer? Will he fall behind in math?

If the Senate fails to act soon and provide emergency funding, schools will have to lay off teachers and support staff who our children need more than ever, and the education and future of students like Carlos will suffer.

Please contact Senate leaders now and ask them to provide $200 billion in Education Stabilization funding and $4 billion for home learning access.

Forfeiting our children’s education and future is as unacceptable as it is unnecessary.  

Please take a minute and let our leaders know where you stand

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