I'll Never Forget Those Teachers

Teachers & Principals | 05/01/2019

Stacey Vanhoy
Dallas Director, Stand for Children Texas

When I was in school, I was the kid with a permanent seat in the principal’s office.

Because of my home life, I struggled in school. But I remember those teachers – the ones who saw me and built a relationship with me. I know firsthand the power of a strong student-teacher bond and how it can radically change a child’s path in school and in life.

Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Month by writing a public thank you note to an educator who made a difference in your or your child’s life.

It doesn’t need to be long – just a few sentences that explain how this teacher went above and beyond for students.

I’m thankful for the incredible teachers I had, and the many I now get to work with at Stand for Children Texas. Teachers don’t always get the recognition they deserve. This is your chance to say thanks.


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