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Current Events & News | 07/20/2017

Shannon Campion
Chief of State Operations

Today, Stand for Children CEO Jonah Edelman applauded Senators Dick Durbin, Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake, and Chuck Schumer for introducing the Dream Act of 2017 and called on Congress to take immediate action to move forward legislation to protect DREAMers. The Dream Act would provide a path forward for the estimated 750,000 law-abiding young Americans covered by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy who are currently living in fear of deportation.

“The current environment of uncertainty surrounding DACA policy is damaging and untenable,” said Stand CEO Jonah Edelman. “These DREAMers are our students, our teachers, and our future leaders. Congress must act immediately to remove the threat of deportation currently looming over our schools.”

More than 2,400 education leaders have signed on to a petition, organized by Stand for Children, calling for protections for undocumented students currently living in fear of deportation.  

Signatories include the heads of the Orange County, Houston, Philadelphia, Denver, Dallas, Indianapolis, Nashville, Newark, Shelby County (Memphis), San Jose, Guilford County (Greensboro, NC), Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and Oakland public schools. The list also includes leaders of national non profits such as Teach For America, ASCD, Education Trust, the American Federation of Teachers as well as local teachers’ unions and charter school organizations such as KIPP, YES Prep in Houston, Noble Network in Chicago, Achievement First in New York, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, and IDEA in Texas.

This extraordinary alliance of the nation’s leading educators has come together to call on national leaders to continue protecting these young people. It is, in many ways, a surprising group; it transcends traditional alliances and divides in education to ask our leaders to do right by our students.  

The petition drive was organized by Stand for Children, a national nonprofit that advocates for quality educational opportunities in 11 states. Stand for Children will continue to advocate for leaders in Washington to take action to protect DREAMers, who are a tremendous asset to our society.

For more information about the petition and the full list of signatories, please visit protectdreamers.org.


Stand for Children is a national education advocacy organization that works directly with parents and educators to improve public schools.  We believe ALL children deserve an equal opportunity to succeed, and that a quality education unlocks the door to success.

Visit www.stand.org and follow @stand4children for more information.

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