Staff Roundup: Advice to New H.S. Grads

College & Career Readiness, Who We Are | 06/02/2017

Shannon Speshock
National Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Shannon crafts engaging content to inspire readers to take a stand on quality and equity in our public schools.

To celebrate the graduation season, we invited staff from our Finance and Family Engagement & Organizing departments to share their top piece of advice for high school grads who are about to take the next steps in life to college and careers. Here's what they had to say:

Follow your dream. Believe in yourself. So we puede! - Sara Irish, Washington Organizer


Two things: Be open to new experiences and people different than yourself and persevere through adversity because life will throw you curve balls. - Leslie Weber, Regulatory Compliance Manager


Really hone in on identifying what you are passionate about and what you are good at – be really honest. Throw out your preconceived notions of what you need to be and expectations others have placed on you and your future. Recognize the activities that fill your soul with joy and satisfaction and brainstorm how can you make a living doing those things. Aligning your passion to your natural talents will help work not feel like work. - Ricardo Martinez, National Strategic Projects Manager


Make sure to carve out time to explore or experience something that may have nothing to do with your career aspirations or college major. This is such a great time to open yourself up to new ideas and some of my best memories of college classes are the ones that had nothing to do with my major. - Brooke Brod, National Organizing Director


Find a way to combine what you are most passionate about with what you study, work or do! While, the connections may not be obvious, you can find them. Talk to someone who is living the kind of life you’d like to lead. Ask them questions. Ask yourself questions too. But, don’t get hung up on the proverbial question: ‘what do I want to be when I grow up?’ Rather, ask and answer questions such as: What do I like to do? What makes me happy? What inspires or motivates me? Work backwards from those answers. Also, vote. Please, vote. You have a voice – use it! - Kelly Canady, National Organizing Director


Do at least one good/nice thing for someone every day. - Keith Leger, Louisiana Director of Educator Engagement & Advocacy


You'll win if you don't quit! - Joy Murphy, Illinois Organizer


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