Stand CO's First Stand UP Class Graduates

Parent & Family Engagement | 04/10/2017

Lauren Sandherr Digital Strategist

Lauren executes digital marketing strategies in an effort to bring awareness to current education issues.

Last week, Stand Colorado's first ever Stand UP (Stand University for Parents) class graduated 25 parents of children who attend schools in Southwest Denver. CO State Senator Rhonda Fields spoke with the graduating parents about the need for them to keep using their voice to stand up for their children with lawmakers at the Capitol. 

Many of the parents had great things to say about the program:

“I learned about leadership, which is very important, and if I lead my kids by example, they will be great citizens.” - Glenda Contreras

“I am glad we came to these meetings - everything was very informative from the GPA to the tour of the Capitol, and I’ve been asking myself why I haven’t heard or done this before.” - Lydia Garcia

“I learned how to help my child succeed in school so they can make something out of themselves.” - Mary Norris

“I have been at this school for 12 years because I have four children. This experience was a very useful learning experience for me. Today I have more subjects for communicating with my children and more knowledge of schools.” - Hedilia Najera

Read more about the inaugural Stand UP class here.



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