Our Schools Deserve a Higher Grade

Access to High-Quality Schools, College & Career Readiness, School Funding | 01/12/2017

Kerry Moll
Vice President of Policy & Advocacy

We encourage our children to work hard and do their best, and they get good grades by engaging in the classroom and digging in to the work.

But our schools aren’t receiving the resources they need to succeed with all children.

According to Quality Counts 2017, an annual report card issued by the Education Week Research Center, the nation’s schools earned a C, based on:

  • The Chance-for-Success Index, a cradle-to-career perspective to examine the role of education in promoting positive outcomes throughout an individual’s lifetime.
  • A school finance analysis, that examines spending patterns on education and equity in funding across districts within a state.
  • The K-12 Achievement Index, which scores states on current academic performance, change over time, and poverty-based gaps.

States are graded individually and contribute to the overall 74.2 score of the country.

See your state’s grade in the Quality Counts 2017 interactive map.

As advocates for our children, we won’t settle for a mediocre grade. At statehouses across the country, we must demand strong education policies that create the conditions and provide the resources for schools and students to succeed.

Join us locally through family engagement and fight alongside of us for smart, research-backed legislation on issues like access to pre-K, early reading skills, and fair school funding. Together, we’ll ensure that all children receive the education they deserve.

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