Reflecting on Progress in Education

Who We Are | 12/28/2016

Jonah Edelman
Chief Executive Officer

Jonah is the co-founder and CEO of Stand for Children.

Looking back 20 years ago, I can’t say I imagined Stand for Children being where it is today.

In those years, we have grown from an idea to an incredibly hard working staff of 140 people and hundreds of thousands of supporters across the country fueling our work. With our members, supporters, and partners, we all work together to be a driving force to overhaul the public education system where inequality in our schools remains the norm.

We have seen significant progress. Tens of thousands more students are reading on grade level and are in better schools. Thousands of teachers have received high quality mentoring early in their careers. Thousands of students of color who would have been tracked to lower level courses are in advanced classes, and thousands of parents in underserved communities have become effective leaders and advocates through our support.

We’ve come a long way to improve the lives of children, but the reality is, millions of children still aren’t provided the quality of education they deserve simply because of their ZIP code, race, and economic status.

I’m proud of the impact we’ve made during the last 20 years. But, having learned so many valuable lessons along the way, I am driven now more than ever to make an even greater impact for underserved students going forward – and I want you to join me.

With every petition you sign, donation you make, and action you take, we continue the fight for students who would otherwise be left behind. ALL students deserve the best possible education, and we can take a stand to make sure they get it.

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