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Shannon crafts engaging content to inspire readers to take a stand on quality and equitable schools in the U.S.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and students are heading home for winter break! During this season of giving and receiving, Stand for Children has a few things on our wish list that we’d like to make possible for kids across the country in the New Year. With your continued support, here’s what we can accomplish together to make schools great in 2017:

  1. Strong School Leadership: A good principal can turn a failing school around and help good schools achieve greatness for their students. This year, we’d like school districts and states to work together to recruit and keep great principals in schools.
  2. Teaching Excellence: Just like a good principal helps teachers succeed, a great teacher can make a huge difference for a student. In 2017, we wish for a great teacher at the front of every classroom.
  3. Students Reading by 4th Grade: By the end of 3rd grade, children should be reading to learn, not learning to read. This is a big item on our wish list. We wish that states and school districts create effective plans to make sure every student is reaching this important milestone.
  4. Quality Pre-K Programs: The education gap begins growing before a child even sets foot inside a Kindergarten classroom. We’d like to close this gap before it starts. We wish that all children have access to quality pre-K programs so that they get an early start on the track to success.
  5. College & Career Readiness: This wish list item is central to our mission as an organization. We wish that by the time a student reaches high school, they’re on track to graduate in four years. AND, when that student does graduate, we wish that they have all the information, education, and training to succeed in college or in their career, whichever option they choose.
  6. Quality Schools for All: Every child, regardless of their background or ZIP code, should have access to a great public school. Our wish for 2017 is that parents have quality schools to choose from, especially in districts with chronically underperforming schools.  
  7. Sufficient Funding Spent Wisely: Our final wish is that schools have the resources they need to serve their students in the best way possible. In order to improve student achievement, money must be spent wisely in order to equitably serve all children.

Now, this might seem like a pretty long list. But here’s the thing – we’re not just sitting around hoping that this magically happens one day. We’re actively working to make schools better for kids. Our parent and teacher members have made a huge difference in their communities in the past year. We want to empower even more people and encourage them to stand up for their schools and their children.

Here’s your chance to be a part of this. Make a donation and help us keep programs like Stand University for Parents going. Join us in our fight to give every child access to a great pubic school. We can turn this wish list into a list of accomplishments.  


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