Stand Gave Me a Voice

Parent & Family Engagement | 11/22/2016

Armando Contreras
Stand Arizona parent leader

My daughter recently came home with straight As on her report card, and – like any parent – I’m filled with pride.

But just 2 years ago, I thought I just sent my kid to school and that was that. Whatever she learned, whatever quality of education she received – that was based on the school in our neighborhood.

After Stand for Children Arizona came into my life through community organizing, I realized that it didn’t have to be that way. I have a voice for my child. I can fight for change in our community’s schools. I don’t have to settle for “whatever.”

What Stand Arizona has done for me is invaluable. Because of Stand, I now know how the different branches of local governments work. They taught me and helped me find my voice to stand in front of our local governing board in order to change the status quo. Through strategy team meetings, I learned how to lead effective canvasses in my community. Stand opened my mind, my heart, and most importantly, my voice.

I love being an advocate for not only my child, but all the children in my community. I have never felt so proud of what we parents have accomplished and can accomplish when we put our voices together.

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