The Importance of Being An Education Voter

Current Events & News, Elections | 11/01/2016

Lauren Sandherr Digital Strategist

Lauren executes digital marketing strategies in an effort to bring awareness to current education issues.

If someone asked you how you could influence a child's education, how would you respond? Perhaps tutoring? Parent-teacher conferences? School fundraisers? All good answers. 

But one of the biggest ways – and one that most people don’t think about – is to vote. Casting your ballot in local, state, and national elections is an important way to have a say in the decisions that impact children. They can't vote, but we can.

Legislators and other state officials can make or break policies that directly affect the educational outcomes for students. Education ballot measures aren't just add-ons at the end of the ballot when you finish choosing the people; they can seriously modify school programs, spending, and more, impacting thousands of students. 

We need bold leaders who will stick up for kids at the state and local level. That’s why it’s so important to pay close attention to who (and what) you vote for – our students and our schools depend on it. From school board members on up to state officials, the following decisions rest in their hands:

  • Resource allocation for schools
  • Funding for improvement programs (including early literacy, ELL, career and college prep, attendance, and more)
  • Funding spent per child
  • Length of school days and school year
  • School staffing (including teachers, support staff, counselors, and more)
  • Access to early childhood education
  • Extracurricular programs
  • Implementation of new and existing education policies

Every student, regardless of zip code and background, deserves an equal shot at a successful future. You can broaden your impact and help many kids in your state by voting in every election.

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