Ten Years of Beat the Odds Scholarship

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This November, Stand for Children Oregon will hold its Tenth Annual Beat the Odds Scholarship Luncheon to recognize and award the scholarship to four very deserving high schoolers.

In ten years, 38 students have received the Beat the Odds Scholarship, which helps cover the cost of college tuition, in recognition of the winners’ incredible efforts to overcome personal and academic struggles on their paths to a college education.  

One of those winners is Charis Roberts, a 2015 scholarship recipient. After many years of instability at home, Charis moved out of his mother’s house during his junior year of high school. While living in a tent, he attended school and worked a part-time job to save money.

“I realized that if I wanted to go somewhere and do something with this education, then I’m going to have to step it up a notch,” says Charis.

His drive to achieve led Charis to apply himself in school, turning his mediocre grades into straight-A’s while taking advanced level classes. He now dreams of one day completing his Ph.D. in molecular biology.

Watch the rest of Charis’s story.

While winners of the scholarship have already proved they can beat the odds on the path to college, funds raised at the scholarship luncheon go directly to Stand for Children so that we can continue our fight to make sure that all children, regardless of their background, will have the opportunity to graduate high school prepared for, and with access to, college and career training.

For more information on the history of the Beat the Odds Scholarship, check out this blog post from Stand for Children Oregon.

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