5 Ways to Help Your Child This School Year

Parent & Family Engagement | 08/19/2016

Lauren Sandherr Digital Strategist

Lauren executes digital marketing strategies in an effort to bring awareness to current education issues.

The beginning of a school year is exciting, nerve-wracking, exhilarating, scary….and we’re not even talking about how the kids feel! 

With the start of a new year comes a reset button, a time to make sure your child is set up with everything they need to have a great school year. And that doesn’t just mean a backpack and school supplies.

You are your child’s first teacher and play a critical role in making sure your child is ready for college and career, even if they are young. There are five simple, proven steps you can do as a parent or guardian this school year that will put your child on the path to success. We call it “I Pledge 5.”

In states all across the country, there are severe problems with the education system, whether it's funding or graduation rates or teacher shortages. Sometimes it can feel like you, as a parent, are helpless to do anything about it. While we are working hard in our states to fix those problems, you can do something. You can take the first step, at home, to influence your child's education. 

Take the Pledge Now

  1. Ensure my child attends school on time every day
  2. Create evening and morning routines
  3. Talk with my child about his or her day
  4. Read with my child each day for at least 20 minutes
  5. Connect with my child’s teachers at least twice a year

Thank you for taking the steps to stand up for your children. 

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