Members Who Stand: Part 3

Parent & Family Engagement, Who We Are | 05/31/2016

Lauren Sandherr Digital Strategist

Lauren executes digital marketing strategies in an effort to bring awareness to current education issues.

Our members work hard to be a powerful voice for children. They are often asked to do things they have never done before, speak in front of important people, and gather more people to our cause. They are people like you and me who care deeply about the opportunities and resources given to children to help them succeed in education.

Hear from them why they stand for children (and check out parts 1 and 2).

Meet our members

Meet Louisiana organizer, Nikki Dangerfield. Nikki started as a Stand parent leader before becoming an organizer, and during her time with Stand, she has fiercely advocated for the kids in her district, participated in a PBS documentary on Louisiana schools, and educated hundreds of other parents on how to stand up for their children.

Nikki's Story

Meet Eugenia Murray, an Indiana parent member who started her journey by fighting for change in her children's failing school, a fight which ultimately ended up victorious. Eugenia is now a voice for students across Indiana and continues to stand up on their behalf.

Eugenia's story

Meet Margi Brown, an Oregon grandparent member who has lobbied at the Capitol, collected signatures, and more - all in order to bring attention to programs that keep high schoolers, like her grandson, engaged in learning.

Margi's story

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