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Teachers & Principals, Who We Are | 05/05/2016

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In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, some of the Stand staff tells the stories of their favorite teachers.

"I broke my leg in the spring of 3rd grade and because of some bureaucracy, couldn’t go back to school even with my cast, so I faced potentially missing the last 2 months of school. Mrs. Quirk offered to come to my house once a week to walk me through what I’d missed in class. When words like “selfless” and “dedicated” get thrown around to describe  what makes a great teacher, I think of Mrs. Quirk at my family’s kitchen table, voluntarily making her own day longer to make sure that one of her students didn’t fall behind." - Will Otto, Talent Operations Manager

"Reflecting back on my time in school, I am able to recognize how incredibly fortunate that I was to take Mr. Kleeman, my AP English Literature teacher. His assignments were challenging because he had elevated expectations for his students and he knew to hold us to a higher standard. After graduating, I felt adequately prepared for the rigor that college classes would provide because of the comprehension and writing abilities that I learned from Mr. Kleeman. To this day, I can thank my high school English teacher for skills that I continue to carry with me." - Lauren Craig, Colorado Operations Coordinator

"I will never forget my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs Coveny.  She took the time to challenge us as individuals and gave us the confidence to think for ourselves.  And of course for instilling a lifelong love of Roald Dahl." - Lindsay Raidbard, Recruiter

"My favorite teacher was Ms. Reed. It was her first year of teaching when I was in my senior year of high school. I was transferred into her marketing class. When I first entered the room I thought for sure that she was another student, so I asked her where the teacher was. You would have thought that would put her off a bit, but luckily she took it in stride and ended up being the most influential teacher in my life. She was the one that encouraged me to go to college and dream big dreams. As the first person in my family to graduate from college, I would likely not have done that if she wasn't there to encourage and support me." - Jani Iverson, Vice President of Talent

“My high school science teacher Mr. Evans is, in my mind, a classic example of an excellent teacher. He made science fun for students who found it a dreadful mystery. He instilled confidence in us by not accepting excuses when there was clearly room for more effort on our part. And those of us willing to put in the effort were met with his willingness to come in early or stay late working with us until those abstract concepts finally clicked.” - Amy Stinnett, Oklahoma Operations Coordinator

"My favorite teacher was Ms. Cole. She was incredibly kind and always listened – things that seem small but mean the world to an 8-year-old." - Elle Vargas, Washington Operations Coordinator

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