A Poem to Celebrate Reading

College & Career Readiness | 03/02/2016

Lauren Sandherr Digital Strategist

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Why hello there. Hi. How are you? Hey!

It’s Read Across America Day.

In honor of Dr. Seuss’ birth,

Here’s a poem, for what it’s worth:


Reading, we know, is fundamental

And books, they can be transcendental.

Wizards and witches, dogs named Spot

Dystopian heroines, Camelot

Wimpy kids, lightning thieves, and Nancy Drew

Golden tickets and talking pigs, too

The stories we read can take us deep

into a world in which we weep -

or laugh or gasp in awe.

Ruminate, shudder, drop our jaw

But books do more than entertain - 

Reading is exercise for the brain.

Reading is the base for all other learning;

when kids are behind, it’s very concerning.

If still learning to read by grade four,

in high school, they’re likely to walk out the door.

So pick up some books to read with your child

You could start with these that we compiled.

Fiction or non, classic or new

There’s a multitude of books to dive into.

Books that spark a future passion:

Music, science, history, fashion

Reading, we’re positive, without a doubt

Can help children figure anything out.

Reading to learn - now that is the key

for a life of achievement and prosperity.

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