Summer Reading Challenge Highlights

College & Career Readiness | 07/20/2015

Lauren Sandherr
National Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Lauren manages the execution of Stand's marketing projects and hopes to bring needed attention to education issues.

Friday marked the last day of our first ever Stand Summer Reading Challenge, and it was a success. Over 300 children across the country read for a total of over 144,000 minutes (that’s like watching the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy 211 times!) in an effort to fight summer learning loss.

As we’ve mentioned before, summer learning loss can account for the loss of over 2 months of reading skills while children are out of school for the summer, which is why it’s very important for parents and guardians to keep children reading and engaged in other learning activities during those months.

For our Summer Reading Challenge, each week came with a list of activities based around a theme that children could do after they did their reading for the week. The themes were art, writing, exploration, and science and technology. The kids looked like they had a blast working on their activities! Here are some highlights from the month-long challenge, and view our Facebook album for even more photos.

Brandon sculpted this scene from his Zeke Meeks book.

Aaliyah wrote a letter to the main character as if they were pen pals.

Izick wrote an alternate ending to the Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Stathis tried out a new activity that the main character, Judy Moody, loves to do.

Freeman went to a place in his town to view it as the main character would view it.

Randy painted a moment from the story.

Keep an eye out on our social media and join our list to be alerted when registration opens up for next year’s Summer Reading Challenge. And a huge thank you to all the parents, relatives, teachers, and program directors who signed their children up this year – keep up the good work!

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