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Teacher Appreciation Week: My Teacher was tough, but...


It was my senior year of high school. I wasn’t a great student and the prospects for college were looking grim. I hadn’t quite figured out what the future held – but I knew I wanted to go to Colorado State University.  You see, there was this girl…

That’s when I met the teacher that would help to alter the course of my life, Mrs. McCoy-Howe. She saw something in me that I didn’t know was there. She pushed me to do things that I thought were impossible. She was tough, but I never would have gone on to graduate from CSU if it wasn’t for her.

This teacher appreciation week, I can’t help but think of her. 

Where others saw a road block, she saw a way around it. I’ve never worked harder than I did that year and it certainly paid off.  I have a degree in Political Science, and yes, that girl I followed to college is now my wife of over 10 years.

To all of the teachers who have helped shape our lives and pushed us to follow our dreams, we say thank you. We hope you’ll join us by watching the video above and telling us about the teacher that made a difference in your life on the comments below.

Thanks, Mrs. McCoy-Howe.


This video caught my attention since my son, Krishanu shared it on his wall in Facebook. Candy Tannous was Krishanu's Language/Arts teacher in 8th grade, and our entire family was influenced by her - including my husband, my youngest son, Amartya, and myself. Her dynamic personality touched everybody's heart, and my boys have kept in touch with her even today. She has influenced both of my boys to speak out for people who can't speak for themselves. She taught them that no matter how much you accomplish in life, if you don't think about the less fortunate and speak for them, your accomplishments don't mean much.
Thank you for sharing Romita! We are especially thankful for having someone as talented as Krishanu in our team. We thank Ms. Tannous for that as well. :)
Just wanted to let you know that I have sent the video's link to Mrs. Tannous, and here is her response: Dear Mrs. Sengupta, The video is quite fine. I was very touched. Thank you for sharing this thoughtful video. I will never have another student to match the brilliance, the kindness, and the creativity of Krishanu. Amartya is a phenomenal person as well. But, Krishanu's intensity and forward thinking style is so striking. You have given the world two fantastic children and now they are young men, making contributions. You must feel very happy and satisfied. Best wishes to you and Mr. Sengupta, Candy Tannous Candace Tannous. M.A. English Department Chair Cypress Woods High School

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