What makes a great teacher?

Teachers are a crucial and influential part of students’ lives, expanding their knowledge, setting high expectations for them, and preparing them for what they may encounter in the future. Great teachers go beyond the classroom; making what they teach relevant to the wider world and helping students find their voices and passions. Great teachers are supporters, mentors, advocates, and friends. To show our appreciation for teachers, we created this video interview series with five great teachers.

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  • Challenge

    The teachers discuss the importance of challenging their students to succeed by setting high expectations for them.


  • Influence

    The teachers reflect on the influence their own great teachers had on them and how it set them up for the future.


  • Inspire

    The teachers share how they create the “light bulb” moment for their students and how it inspiring it is for both teacher and student.


  • Communicate

    The teachers explain how they maintain open communication and relationships with their students’ parents.