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An Open Letter to President Obama

The time for action has come. Mr President - as you stand up for meaningful reforms, we will stand with you.

Right after the tragedy in Newtown, CT, President Obama said “we can’t tolerate this anymore.” It’s time, he said, "to come together and take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this. Regardless of the politics."  Over the past few days, several members of Congress who previously voted in lockstep with the gun lobby have announced a change of heart. We applaud their courage.

Sign our open letter to the President supporting the leadership he exhibited this week when he noted glaring deficiencies in our gun laws, and urge him, Vice President Biden, and the newly created administration task force to make swift and meaningful reforms to prevent more tragedies.


3,019 have signed

Help us get to 5,000

Dear Mr. President,

In the wake of the Sandy Hook devastation, as your task force pushes for bold legislation that will truly make a difference in preventing tragedies like this in the future, we will stand with you.

We know it will take sustained effort to prevail. We know we will need to contact our members of Congress repeatedly in the coming months. We know it's not going to be easy, but this is a defining moment for our nation, and we are ready. As you stand up for our children, for our families, and for our communities, we will stand with you.

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