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Campaigns in Our States

We are hard at work across the country accomplishing wins for students and effecting change in education. With the help of engaged parents, educators, and community members, our states are advocating for access to high-quality schools, pre-K, strong educational standards, and more. Check out and support some of our active campaigns below!

 In Oklahoma, we are working on getting the state legislature to pass a plan that would address the damage done by 8 straight years of cuts to education. The most critical need for funding in Oklahoma is to increase teacher salary, since they are the lowest paid teachers in the country and are experiencing a massive shortage because of it. Oklahoma students also receive the least amount of funding per pupil in the country. It's past time to do something about it. Visit


In Colorado, we are working to ensure that every student is proficiently reading by the time they enter 4th grade so they are set up for success throughout their educational careers. Our team has found that there are some changes that can be made right now improve early literacy in Colorado and better support educators who are responsible for teaching reading. Our report, Improving Early Literacy in Colorado: Realizing the Promise of the READ Act outlines specific recommendations that we are working with policymakers to implement now.


In Indiana, we held a member summit that focused on improving the quality of education Indianapolis Public Schools that resulted in a strategy called "Every Child, Every Neighborhood" that was presented to IPS before they approved their strategic plan. IPS actually incorporated several of the ideas into their strategic plan, which focused on ensuring a great principal leader in every school, a great teacher in every classroom, a great school in every neighborhood, and a great support system for every parent or guardian. Now we must work to ensure IPS executes the plan successfully. Find out more about the strategic plan.


In Oregon, we introduced a ballot measure for the November election that focuses on better preparing high school students for the future by offering more career-technical education opportunities to students, providing better drop-out prevention strategies through personal counseling and mentoring, and creating more dual-credit courses so that students arrive at college prepared. While Measure 98 passed with over 60% of the vote, Oregon students still need the state legislature to provide full support for the plan and its implementation. Visit the Vote Yes for Measure 98 website to read the full measure and sign on in support.

In Massachusetts, we are working to help pass legislation that will provide state-funded pre-K to 3 and 4-year-olds with prioritization based on school district accountability status and rates of third grade reading proficiency. High-quality pre-K has a huge impact on a child's future academic success and can go a long way toward closing the achievement gap, especially for disadvantaged children. Read more about our Pre-K for MA campaign and sign the pledge to support access to early childhood education.


 In Washington, we are inviting parents to opt in for a better education by encouraging their children to take Smarter Balanced Assessments. Our new website provides resources and tips so parents are empowered to help their children achieve grade level learning. Visit the website, take our pledge and print the checklist of tools that can help all children advance at grade level.


In Illinois, we are fighting to fix our state's unfair and broken school funding system. Illinois has the most inequitable school funding system in the nation, creating school districts of the haves and have-nots, where wealthier districts invest as much as $30,000 per student and poorer districts invest as little as $6,000. For decades, this unfair system has shortchanged children in every part of our state of the great education they deserve. We can't ask another generation of children to wait for education funding reform in Illinois. Join our team in the fight for fair school funding.



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