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Campaigns in Our States

We are hard at work across the country accomplishing wins for students and effecting change in education. With the help of engaged parents, educators, and community members, our states are advocating for access to high-quality schools, pre-K, strong educational standards, and more. Check out and support some of our active campaigns below!

  In Oklahoma, we are working on getting the state legislature to pass a plan that would address the damage done from nearly a decade of cuts to education funding. When it comes to teacher pay, there is no other way to put it—Oklahoma is dead last in the country. Many of our teachers are either leaving for other states or abandoning the profession altogether. We can’t continue down this road. Far too many students are suffering. Many school districts across the state have been forced to adopt four-day school weeks, and many more have had to increase classroom sizes. It's past time to do something about it teacher pay and education funding. Visit


In Colorado, we are working to ensure that every student is proficiently reading by the time they enter 4th grade so they are set up for success throughout their educational careers.  We have launched Read Now Colorado, a statewide campaign focused on improving literacy rates by providing parents with tips and resources to support their child’s reading. Visit Read Now Colorado today and take the pledge.


In Indiana, we held a member summit that focused on improving the quality of education Indianapolis Public Schools that resulted in a strategy called "Every Child, Every Neighborhood" that was presented to IPS before they approved their strategic plan. IPS actually incorporated several of the ideas into their strategic plan, which focused on ensuring a great principal leader in every school, a great teacher in every classroom, a great school in every neighborhood, and a great support system for every parent or guardian. Now we must work to ensure IPS executes the plan successfully. Find out more about the strategic plan.


In Oregon, we introduced a ballot measure for the November election that focuses on better preparing high school students for the future by offering more career-technical education opportunities to students, providing better drop-out prevention strategies through personal counseling and mentoring, and creating more dual-credit courses so that students arrive at college prepared. While Measure 98 passed with over 60% of the vote, Oregon students still need the state legislature to provide full support for the plan and its implementation. Visit the Vote Yes for Measure 98 website to read the full measure and sign on in support.

Massachusetts is known for our excellent education system, but we have a pervasive achievement gap, and especially a problem with literacy. The statistics regarding our children’s ability to read, particularly in the Commonwealth’s poorer school districts, are shocking. Third grade reading is a critical benchmark for future success, yet far too many students are struggling to meet this crucial milestone. Stand MA is embarking on a campaign to improve third grade reading proficiency across Massachusetts through a multi-faceted approach including state commitment and accountability, educator supports, prevention, identification, and intervention. Fully phased in, our proposal would increase the statewide third grade reading proficiency rate to 90% by 2025. Please sign the pledge to ensure all children in Massachusetts are able to read at grade level. 


In Washington, we are advocating for increased education funding that is targeted to our most vulnerable students. We rank 41st in the country in high school graduation rates, with 1 out of 5 students failing to obtain their diploma. For students of color, students in poverty, students with disabilities, English language learners as well as foster and homeless youth the outcomes are even starker. Join our campaign, the Campaign for Student Success, to ensure students in all our communities are getting the resources needed to improve student outcomes at


In Illinois, we are fighting to fix our state's unfair and broken school funding system. Illinois has the most inequitable school funding system in the nation, creating school districts of haves and have-nots. One hidden inequity of this system is how our state pays off pension debt by diverting dollars from the classrooms of the poorest kids. When schools hire teachers with their state or local funds, they pay less than 1% of salary to TRS as their nominal pension contribution. But when schools hire a teacher using federal funds, they pay 39% of salary to pay pension debt. A bill is moving through the legislature to fix this issue. Learn about that bill and educate yourself about the issue of teacher pension funding inequity.


In Louisiana, we are working to improve outcomes for all students by working for greater access to quality early learning programs and high standards and accountability for schools, districts and teachers. Our strong cohort of more than 400 educator all-stars recently helped advocate for and pass stronger teacher preparation policies and helped to write, support and pass updated science standards. We are continuing our work to improve schools for all children by advocating for innovative approaches to learning in New Orleans and Baton Rouge so that all students will be able to attend an ‘A’ or ‘B’ school by 2025 in Baton Rouge and New Orleans.



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