Campaigns in Our States

We are hard at work across the country accomplishing wins for students and effecting change in education. With the help of engaged parents, educators, and community members, our states are advocating for access to high-quality schools, pre-K, strong educational standards, and more. Check out and support some of our active campaigns below!


The Home Visit Project grew out of a fellowship of educators who said family engagement would be the single greatest lever to support their efforts to sucessfully educate their students. But not just any family engagement, engagement that builds authentic relationships. In the fall of 2015, the Home Visit Project pilot launched and has grown steadily ever since. 




In commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., we reflect on his final speech to ask: if we do not stop to help our children, what will happen to them? In Memphis, we are seeking members of our community who will commit to making a difference for the children of our city through Momentum Memphis. We must invest in our youth with the tools, support, and access to opportunity they need to succeed. The “fierce urgency of now” fuels the Momentum Memphis campaign!


In Colorado, we are working to ensure that every student is proficiently reading by the time they enter 4th grade so they are set up for success throughout their educational careers. Read Now Colorado is a statewide campaign focused on improving literacy rates by providing parents with tips and resources to support their child’s reading.


The Oregon Center for High School Success acts as a thought partner for districts as they develop their plans for Measure 98 funding and a resource for school administrators seeking guidance on how to make the most of their allocation. Parents, teachers, administrators and advocates alike can turn to The Center to find key tools and resources to help in applying for and implementing Measure 98, as well as examples of best practices and success stories as these policies become a reality for kids across the state.


Massachusetts may rank first in the nation in education, but despite this, 53% of the state's students are not reading at grade-level by the end of third grade. The greatest impact for ensuring student success lies in a strong partnership among parents, teachers, and schools. The aim of Every Child Reads is to propose a strategically targeted multi-year plan to dramatically improve 3rd grade reading proficiency. Our policy will include measures for prevention, student identification, student interventions and support, and educator support.


Stand for Children empowered Anna to stand up and push for positive change. Along with other parents, she led a campaign to improve her neighborhood school. Next school year, her daughter’s school will have new leadership and more educational resources to lift up all kids in the building. Standing up with Anna and hundreds of other Stand for Children advocates, you can make a big difference. All it takes is a willingness to use your voice to ensure every IPS student gets a chance to succeed. Let's take a stand together.

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