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Teach Kindness: Flex Path

With isolation and anxiety weighing on students during the COVID-19 pandemic, social-emotional learning is more important than ever. That’s why Teach Kindness has adapted to create Flex Path, which offers timely and relevant activities that are easy to implement in various settings (in-person, virtual and asynchronous). 

Flex Path also lifts the previous 30-day completion timeframe and staff participation requirements so that any educator can access the free and powerful lessons. Learn more and register today at weteachkindness.org/flex-path.


Center for High School Success

The Center for High School Success (CHSS) is a cost-free resource providing educators, high schools, and school districts opportunities for professional development and strategic investment planning.

As a venture of Stand for Children, our staff is intimately familiar with the opportunities it creates in career and technical education (CTE), college readiness and dropout prevention.


Home Visit Project

Even as students participate in remote learning, educators are finding ways to build meaningful relationships with families. Home Visit Project educators are conducting virtual home visits with students’ families to understand immediate needs and ensure no child goes without food or access to technology during this time.


Quality Education is a Right

Students in Michigan and Rhode Island have filed class-action lawsuits against their states for failing to provide adequate public educations. The students argue they have a constitutional right to be educated, and that by failing to offer access to literacy, civics courses, and suitable learning conditions, the states violated this right.

Add your name if you believe every child has a right to receive a high-quality public education that prepares them for success in college or career.


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