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Organizing for Change: Family Engagement & Organizing

We show up, we speak up, we reach out, we vote.

Through family engagement and organizing, we unite individuals with a common message, amplifying their voices for greater influence.

When the people who are personally invested in the issues show up, speak out, and vote, that has an impact on decision-makers. Organizers educate and empower ordinary people to come together as an extraordinary force for change.

Stand's Four Key Steps to Organizing for Change:

  1. Educate parents and community members on the issues
  2. Build teams of members with team leaders
  3. Develop leaders’ and members’ skills, knowledge, and confidence
  4. Mobilize teams to take action on issues and electoral campaigns

Ways to Engage with Stand:

  • Our family engagement program, Stand University for Parents (Stand UP)
  • Educational opportunities, like workshops, community forums, and presentations
  • Hosting or attending house parties or other small-group gatherings
  • Mobilizing and taking action directly with decision-makers through: testimony, petition drives, meeting with legislators or School Board members, Lobby Days, phone banks, canvassing
  • Becoming an official leader or member of Stand for Children

Hear from parents and educators about their work with Stand. 

Organizing for change is a vital part of our mission. Every day, decisions are made about education that impact children in every classroom. Our goal is to ensure the people making these decisions are well-informed champions for children and that their decisions are made in students’ best interest to have the greatest positive impact.

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