What We Do

We work to ensure a better education for all children

Family Engagement & Organizing

Organizing gathers voices of supporters who are just as passionate as we are to spread the word about current issues facing education and mobilize their community for educational equality.

Stand University for Parents (Stand UP) empowers parents to be fully engaged partners in their children's education. The program seeks to increase knowledge about how to help their children succeed in school, increase ongoing parental involvement in children's learning and, through these factors, increase student achievement.

Policy & Advocacy

In order for every child to graduate college or career-ready, policies need to be in place that provide the best outcomes.

Measure 98 was a grassroots effort in Oregon aimed at securing additional state funds to have Career and Technical Education classes, college-level educational opportunities and dropout prevention strategies implemented in schools throughout the state. 

Electoral Work

From local school boards to state officials, we help to educate voters on candidates who are committed to fighting for an equitable public education system that gives all students a chance to succeed.


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