My Dream for My Children

My name is Fabiola Velásquez and I am a Stand Fellow. I grew up in Mexico and went to school in Mexico until I moved to the United States, here I attended high school and graduated two years later. My dream for my children has always been that they can get a quality education, but navigating the Arizona school system is not easy.

I started with Stand when my little daughter was in 3rd grade and today she is in 7th grade. I have 4 years of participating with Stand and 2 years of being part of the Fellows program. Several years ago I had a lot of problems with my daughter's school and we had several parents that we didn't know what to do about it. The school wanted to force my daughter to attend summer school just to fill places even though she was getting good grades and on the way to reading at grade level. Someone told me about Stand and immediately called Liliana. She guided us how to handle the situation. I recruited about 20 parents and we had a meeting with the superintendent. Stand has guided us and taught us that we as parents have the power to be informed.  

During my years with Stand I have identified and worked with 7 to 10 leaders and now I manage a team of 29 members and 3 leaders. Stand has taught me how to navigate the school system and that is why now my son goes to a quality school and I keep myself informed about everything related to his studies.

The knowledge and opportunities offered by this organization are magnificent and this is what I communicate to other families.

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