May 19, 2017 Policy Brief

Key Dates

The Legislature’s First Special Session is due to wrap up on Tuesday, May 23. Governor Inslee may choose to immediately call for a Second Special Session to begin May 24 or he may instead call for the Second Special Session to commence on June 1 in order to include the June 30 deadline for budget adoption within the timeframe of the 30-day Second Special Session.

June 7: Economic Forcast

June 20: Revenue Forcast

June 30: Budget or Continuing Resolution for 2017-2019 must be adopted

July 7: Initiative Filing Deadline


Policy Round Up

SB 5234 - This important new law, signed by Governor Inslee on May 4, requires the adoption of a uniform policy for credit awarded to students who complete and pass Advanced Placement (AP) courses in Washington. There is currently not a uniform credit policy between universities and colleges in Washington.

This new law will also help ensure that the significant number of low income, Hispanic, and African American students scoring a 3 on an AP Exam are not further disadvantaged when they matriculate to college by losing out on college credit and the tuition affordability the credit provides.


Key Numbers

  • A score of 3 or better on an AP exam will merit an equivalent college credit in Washington.

  • Low-income students who score a 3 or higher on AP tests are 3 times more likely to graduate from high school and 32 percent more likely to graduate from college than low-income students who didn’t take AP.

  • Only 11.9 percent of Washington’s low-income students take an AP class.

  • In Tacoma, 24.6 percent of low-income students take an AP class. Tacoma is one of 50 Washington district’s Stand for Children has identified as having adopted an Academic Acceleration policy, which automatically enrolls qualified students’ in advanced coursework.


Social Media Chatter

While many important decisions are pending in Olympia, a lot is happening at the national level in the education debate. @emmersbrown of @wapo had a scoop this week on President Trump’s education budget, with @washdems noting that he is “proposing to cut funding for everything from after-school programs to teacher training to STEM/technical ed and more.”


What We're Reading

Head Start Turns 52 Today. Congress Should Protect Its Funding – Education Week
"But here in the United States, not all kids have the same chance to attend a high-quality preschool program. In fact according to recent data, 53 percent of 3- and 4-year-old American kids are not enrolled. These children, especially those from lower-income homes, often start school behind their peers. By age four, a child living in poverty is as much as 18 months behind developmentally from their more well-off peers. Many never catch up."

Voucher proposals expose rift in school choice movement – Associated Press
“…Jonah Edelman, [Stand for Children] co-founder and chief executive…called the voucher proposals ‘a dramatic effort to undermine public education.’Edelman, whose organization receives part of its funding from Walton, Broad and Gates-related charities and family members, said his group will fight any administration effort to promote vouchers nationwide.”

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