State Budget

Our priorities focus on investing in our public schools, giving parents more choices in high-quality schools, and expanding opportunities for all children. 

THE SPECIAL EDUCATION CIRCUIT BREAKER: As a member of the Coalition for Special Education Funding, we continue to advocate for full funding of the Circuit Breaker, an account that helps districts meet the financial needs associated with special education students.

THE FOUNDATION BUDGET REVIEW COMMISSION: This commission is a panel of legislators, state administrators, educators and business leaders charged with assessing the appropriate level of funding for K-12 public education. We are a member of this Commission. 

During the fall and winter, the commission collected testimony from educators, school administrators and others at a series of hearings held across the state. Our members delivered testimony at each hearing. After the hearings, members of the commission determined next steps

INVESTMENT: When it comes to providing every child with a quality education, money matters. Money alone does not result in better outcomes for students; we must direct our state’s investments towards strategies that we know will help our schools provide our children with an excellent education.


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