September 1, 2016 marked the day that school contracts across the state must conform to S.2315, a law Stand members and supporters worked tirelessly to pass in 2012. Visit our timeline to learn more about the last four years of implementation. 

This law:

  • Ensures every public school gives priority to a teacher’s effectiveness rather than seniority when deciding who to place and keep in the classroom;
  • Guarantees school leaders have a role in deciding who is teaching in their building;
  • Establishes a robust and comprehensive data reporting system;
  • Codifies $3.5 million in Race to the Top (RTTT) funds towards training teachers on the new evaluation system. 

Over the past four years since the passage of the legislation, Stand has remained committed to ensuring the law realizes its full potential to impact student achievement through our implementation work. This includes supporting teacher training on the current evaluation system, serving as an advisory committee member to guide how data on educator evaluations is released to the public, and continuously educating stakeholders including parents, policymakers, and school administrators on the law.

We will work with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to assess which districts are currently in compliance with the law. Every child in Massachusetts deserves a great teacher, and this law is a significant step to fulfill this endeavor.

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