Massachusetts Staff

Ranjini Govender

Executive Director

As a former teacher and education law attorney Ranjini has dedicated her career to ensuring all children have access to quality education. Her parents grew up in Apartheid-era South Africa where they experienced racism and oppression every day. They fought hard to make sure Ranjini and her siblings had more opportunities than they did, and it is with this determination that she steps into her new role, dedicated to raising the voice of parents in Massachusetts who want a great education for their children.

Knowing she wanted to effect systematic change, Ranjini simultaneously completed her law degree and her Master’s Degree in Education at Syracuse University. In 2008, Ranjini began an Education Pioneers Fellowship with the District of Columbia Charter School Board and was awarded a research grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Ranjini also taught high school students in Chelsea, MA and Syracuse, NY. After two years in the classroom, she chose to pursue her doctoral degree in education policy at Cornell University. Through a fellowship with the New York State Center for Rural Schools, Ranjini studied the unique issues facing rural schools, and advised school districts on legal issues relating to attendance zoning, school restructuring, and student assignment policies.

Prior to her current role as Executive Director, Ranjini led the Government Affairs work at Stand Massachusetts for five years in her role as Government Affairs Director. She played a key role in the development and implementation of Stand’s teacher effectiveness ballot measure and the resulting passage of Senate Bill 2315. Additionally, Ranjini worked with key partners to develop and execute political strategy to pass and support ambitious policy and legislative agendas, including conducting ongoing analysis of the long-term sustainability of proposed education reforms, current political landscape, and support within Stand’s membership base. She also conducted a comprehensive statewide analysis of educator evaluation policies within collective bargaining agreements and published her findings in the Journal of Law and Education.

Ranjini is the proud Mom of two boys in public school. 

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