What's Missing from Your Child's Education?

School Funding | 01/23/2019

Jenniffer Lara
Parent Member, Stand for Children Massachusetts

The other day my son, José, came home from school upset. He wanted to know why he doesn’t get to stay after school to do his homework and play with friends like kids in other schools get to do.

I explained to him that the after-school program was full, but as I thought more about it, I realized just how wrong it is that only a handful of kids get to participate when the need is so much greater!

What's missing from your child's education?

What opportunities do your children miss out on because they don’t have the privilege of living in a wealthier school district? What resources are missing from their classrooms? How else are our kids getting punished just because they don’t live in the right zip code to get the kind of education they deserve?

I’m asking you to join me and share your story about education inequity so everyone across the Commonwealth can see how flawed the school funding formula is and how badly it needs to be fixed.

The quality of public education in Massachusetts isn’t going to improve until enough people like you and me speak up about what changes need to happen. That starts by telling your story.

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